Calia Italia Benjamin Leather Chaise Sectional Recliner
Calia Italia Benjamin Leather Chaise Sectional Recliner

Calia Italia Benjamin Leather Chaise Sectional Recliner

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Spanish Gray
Wenge Leather

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Luther Conley
Sittin' Pretty

I didn't know a couch could make me feel so fancy until I got this bad boy. The leather is so posh, I half expect it to ask for my autograph. The adjustable headrest is like having a built-in therapist – it listens to all my problems without judgment. And those metal legs? Well, they're the James Bond of furniture. Classy, mysterious, and definitely ready for action.

Curtis Mcintyre
A Sectional Fit for a Rockstar

I got this sectional and suddenly became the most popular house on the block. It's like the VIP lounge of furniture. My friends now schedule appointments to come over and experience the 'plush life.'

Jodie Johnson
Head in the Clouds

Bought this sofa because I heard it was 'Laziness Level: Expert.' Can confirm, I've achieved a PhD in lounging. My productivity has plummeted, but my relaxation game is on point. 10/10 would recommend if your life goals include perfecting the art of the nap.

Carlo King
Where Leather Meets Lounge Perfection

This sectional is the real MVP of my living room. The leather is so smooth, it's like my cat's fur envy it. And the adjustable headrest is a game-changer. I feel like I'm in a spaceship, steering my way through a Netflix marathon. The metal legs are like the superhero cape – they may not make it fly, but they sure make it look cooler.

Nice quality

Love it, Love it, Love it!!! Looks stunning and everyone in family and friends love it!


1 - Design of a model.

A new model is designed and developed in the Centro Studi Calia Italia, after a careful analysis of the new trends, feelings and needs on different markets.

2 - The making of a sofa frame.

Following the technical specifications supplied by the Centro Studi Calia Italia wood and foams are cut to build the sofa’s frame and padding, respectively.

3 - Batting and webbing.

During this phase, elastic webbings are stretched across the seat and back frame, to support the padding. The frame is then covered with padding layers thus becoming completely “white”.

4 - Cut and sewing.

This is a very delicate process. Fabric cutting is entirely automated in order to guarantee the highest accuracy and efficiency, whereas leather cutting requires a care and attention that can be achieved only by manual cutting. Once each part of the cover has been cut, they are sewn together strictly following a technical scheme.

5 - Assembly.

All components that will create the finished product are put together: frame, padding, covers, feet and any mechanical and electrical parts, if required.

6 - Quality control.

Each product undergoes strict checking to make sure that it meets both the customer’s order and the design technical specifications.

7 - Packaging.

Each sofa is “packaged” and complemented with a brochure that recommends how to use and maintain the product. Each item is then labelled and stored in our automated warehouse, together with a permanent tag that allows the source of all parts used to be tracked down by means of unique codes.

8 - Shipping.

All our products are shipped with the utmost care by truck or by sea on special containers, whose loads are optimized and “padded” so that they can reach our customers in perfect shape, anywhere in the world

9 - Orders and After Sales.

Calia Italia’s Customer Care guarantees assistance to customers while orders are being placed and after the sale. All materials used to make our sofas and their relevant suppliers can be traced back on each single product. We are therefore able to supply a solution to any needs, also for products sold years earlier.

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