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You have limited space. At the same time, you need a dual-functional sleeper sofa that can accommodate two people comfortably. If that's your case, buy a queen sleeper sofa. Why this particular size? Because it... You have limited space. At the same time, you need a dual-functional sleeper sofa that can accommodate two people comfortably. If that's your case, buy a queen sleeper sofa. Why this particular size? Because it measures about 90 inches long and 84 inches wide when opened up. It can safely accommodate two people for sleeping and three people for sitting. Some queen sleepers also come with storage options. If you struggle with space constraint issues and want to maintain a mess-free space, look for queen sleeper sofas. Wondering where to buy one? Well, Jenni Home is the top destination that has myriad collections of sleeper sofas of all sizes and features. Visit JenniHome today and shop for the best queen sleeper sofa online from the comfort of your home. Read More
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      Frequently Asked Questions


      A Queen Sleeper sofa functions as both a standard sofa and a bed, offering the versatility of two pieces of furniture in one. Its name is derived from the fact that it features a queen-size mattress when converted into a bed.

      Regardless of the style of the sleeper sofa, whether it's a sectional sleeper sofa, a loveseat sleeper sofa, or a two or three-seater sleeper sofa if the mattress is queen-sized, it qualifies as a queen sleeper sofa. While the sofa's dimensions may vary, the mattress size remains consistent, typically measuring around 60 inches by 80 inches.



      1. What is a queen sleeper sofa?

      A queen sleeper sofa is a type of couch that transforms into a bed, providing a dual functionality of seating and sleeping. It typically features different mechanisms that allow the sofa to transform into a queen-size bed when needed.


      2. How do I convert a queen sleeper sofa into a bed?

      The conversion process depends on different models but generally involves pulling out a hidden mattress stored within the sofa. Some may have a folding or unfolding mechanism, while others may use a pull-out design. Read the manufacturer's instructions clearly for easy conversion.


      3. What are the dimensions of a queen sleeper sofa?

      The dimensions can vary, but a standard queen sleeper sofa is typically around 80-90 inches wide and 36-40 inches deep when in sofa form. The mattress size is that of a queen bed, which is approximately 60x80 inches.


      4. Are queen sleeper sofas comfortable for sleeping?

      Yes, sleeper sofas are comfortable for sleeping and are used by many people today. However, the comfort of sleeping on a queen sleeper sofa mainly depends on the quality of the mattress and the overall design. While they can provide a convenient sleeping solution, the comfort level may vary. A memory foam mattress around 5 to 6 inches thick offers a comfortable sleeping experience.


      5. How comfortable are queen-size sofa beds for daily use?

      A good quality sofa bed can be used daily without any concerns. Ensure you maintain and properly use your queen-size sofa bed with care for long-term use.


      6. Can I find different styles or designs for queen-size sofa beds?

      You can easily find queen-size sofa beds in various styles and designs. Different brands and manufacturers offer multiple options, from traditional to contemporary designs and more. You can also get a sectional queen-size sofa bed easily these days.


      7. Are there additional features available with queen-size sofa beds?

      Yes, many queen sleeper sofa beds have additional features such as a storage chaise, built-in storage boxes, adjustable headrests, lumbar support, removable cushions, and reclining facilities. These features increase the functionality and comfort of the sofa bed.


      8. What types of mattresses are typically used in queen sleeper sofas?

      Queen sleeper sofas come with different mattresses, including gel memory foam, innerspring, polyurethane foam, traditional memory foam, gas spring, or air mattresses. The quality and comfort of the mattress can vary between models.


      9. How much weight can a queen sleeper sofa hold?

      The weight capacity of a queen sleeper sofa depends on its design and construction. Generally, they can support the weight of two adults ranging between 500 to 600lbs, but specific weight limits can vary.


      10. What are some popular brands that make queen sofa sleeper sofas?

      Some famous brands that manufacture queen sleeper sofas include Luonto, Kathy Ireland, Enza Home, Gio Italia, Ashley, Calia Italia, Bernhardt, Universal, Nicoletti, and Calia Italia. These brands offer the highest quality sleeper sofas and are currently in trend.


      11. Why should you buy a queen sofa sleeper from

      Jennihome offers sleeper sofas from world-renowned brands, which means you get the best quality. also has proactive deals and offers so that you can shop efficiently.


      12. What are the special features a queen-size sleeper sofa comes with?

      Special features include storage, reclining options, sectional configurations, and different mattress types. The unique, easy-to-operate mechanisms are also considered as special features. Some sleeper sofas also have a motorized function that enables you to use it with just a touch of a button or remote.


      13. Why does a queen sleeper sofa come with a chaise?

      A queen sleeper sofa has a chaise to offer extended seating or lounging space. This chaise makes it more comfortable and versatile.


      14. Can I customize the upholstery of a queen sleeper sofa?

      The answer is yes. Many manufacturers offer customization options for the upholstery of their sleeper sofas. You can get an option to choose from various fabrics, colors, and patterns. You can opt for slipcovers if you already have a sleeper sofa at home.