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These days, no one asks whether they must buy a sofa or not. It has become the default furniture for every household. What you must debate is which type of sofa to buy for your... These days, no one asks whether they must buy a sofa or not. It has become the default furniture for every household. What you must debate is which type of sofa to buy for your home. So, it's all about finding the perfect piece that gives you enough comfort while lounging and accommodates your family if it's placed in the living room. But again, don't forget to check if your sofa would improve the overall aesthetics of your room. Visitors must ask you, "Where did you buy this amazing furniture piece?" But where can I buy sofas from top brands online? Visit the JenniHome online furniture store, where we have listed all types of sofas, including 2-seaters, 3-seaters, recliners, and sectionals. You can also enjoy exclusive discounts and exceptional deals on every purchase. Read More
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      Do you know that sofas are one of the most essential pieces of furniture a home should have? Do you need to relax coming straight from the office, need a comfortable place to relax watching your favorite series, want to enhance the overall look of a room, or whatnot?

      A home with a sofa is without comfort and a cozy gathering spot. You already knew this and wanted to onboard a new sofa for your personal space. If so, look at the sofa collections at Jenni Home, an online furniture retailer excelling at selling sofas from reputed brands. It's loaded with sofas in various sizes and styles. This means you will find a sofa that satisfies your needs. Scroll down to see the exciting sofa collections available online.


      1. What are the most common types of sofas available on the market?

      When you hear the word sofa, the first picture that pops into your mind is a three-seater sofa. But in reality, sofas come in different types. Each type has its own shape and style.
      So, some common types of sofas include sectional sofas, loveseats, sleeper sofas, reclining sofas, and, of course, the traditional three-seater sofa.

      • Sofas: A traditional 3-seater sofa either features a straight or gently curved backrest, rolled arms, or track arms and is covered by fabric or leather upholstery.
      • Loveseat: A loveseat, also called a two-seater sofa, is a smaller sofa that can seat two people comfortably. It's best for couples, but that doesn't mean others can't use it. Loveseats are ideal for small living rooms or tiny apartments, or they can also be added as additional furniture for larger seating arrangements. For instance, you can pair it with a three-seater and a chair and make it a living room set.
      • Sleeper sofa: Also known as a sofa bed, it's a dual-functional piece of furniture that serves both as a sofa and a bed. So, you don't have to prepare a guest room in a space-constrained area; just pull out the bed from a sofa and accommodate them during the night.
      • Reclining sofa: If you expect top-notch comfort where you can stretch your legs and recline backward comfortably, a reclining sofa is what you need. This furniture allows you to relax and unwind with ease. Recliners are a popular choice for home theaters or living rooms dedicated to comfort and leisure.
      • Futons: Futons are similar to sofa beds, but they have a leisure structure that can be used as a sofa and a bed. This furniture type originates in Japan and consists of a mattress-like cushion. This cushion can be folded and converted into a sofa during the day and unfolded to make it a bed at night.

      Like sofa beds, they are also space-saving furniture ideal for small apartments, dorm rooms, or guest rooms.

      2. What is the ideal sofa for a small apartment or space?

      A loveseat, which is a two-seater sofa or a compact sectional sofa, is ideal for small spaces. If your apartment is too tiny to accommodate furniture, try having a sleeper sofa. It can work both as a bed and a sofa. On the other hand, if you still choose a regular sofa, ensure its legs are raised and have a sleek back and armrests. This design helps make your room feel more open and spacious.

      3. Where can I buy the best sofas online?

      You can purchase all types of sofas online from You can find everything from sectionals to sleepers, recliners, living room sofa sets, and more. You can grab some of the best deals, discounts, and sofas at the best prices. Need financing options? Jennihome has your back, too.

      4. What is the difference between a sofa and a couch?

      The terms sofas and couch are used interchangeably, the main difference lies in their historical use and design. "Sofa" is derived from Arabic and signifies a bench with cushions, while "couch" is derived from French and refers to a furniture piece with a raised back and armrests.

      Sofas are comparatively bigger in size and have prominent backs and armrests. They are used in more formal settings. While the couches are more sleek with low backs, with or without armrests. They are used in more casual settings.

      5. How do I clean and maintain my sofa to extend its lifespan?

      To extend your sofa's lifespan, you can follow these general tips:

      • Your sofa collects dirt and dust, so it's best to vacuum your sofa on a regular basis.
      • Clean spills immediately to prevent stains.
      • It's best that you rotate the sofa cushions to ensure an equal distribution of wear and tear that may accumulate over time.
      • Check and tighten any loose bolts or legs if your sofa wobbles a bit or makes unusual sounds.
      • Keep your pets away from the sofa to prevent scratches and damage—better use slipcovers to keep it clean, damage-free, and stain-free.
      • Don't place sharp objects near leather sofas; they can tear and damage the material.
      • Lastly, pay attention to the manufacturer's cleaning instructions for specific materials and only use appropriate cleaning products for spills and stains.

      6. Which sofa brands are considered the best in 2024?

      There are hundreds of brands worldwide. Though some brands regularly score well in delivering quality construction, brand perceptions may change yearly. As of 2024, some reputable furniture brands that sell cool sofas are Luonto, Kathy Ireland, Enza Home, Gio Italia, Calia Italia, Bernhardt, and Universal Furniture.

      7. How do I choose the right size of sofa for my living room?

      • Measure the length and width of the space where you want to place the sofa. Check the doorways or pathways and confirm if your sofa will pass through them.
      • Think about the layout of your living room and where you plan to place the sofa. Leave enough space around the sofa for walking and other furniture.
      • A large sofa in a small room can make it feel overwhelming. On the other hand, a sofa in a large room may look out of place. So ensure the sofa fits the scale and proportion of your living room.
      • Consider how you plan to use the sofa. If you like to entertain guests or have a large family, a sectional or a sofa with extra seating may be more suitable.

      8. What materials are commonly used in sofa upholstery, and which is the most durable?

      The most commonly used sofa upholstery includes Leather and Fabric, which includes microfiber, velvet, and polyester. Each has its own properties and value, depending on different needs.

      9. What customization features are available for sofas at Jenni Home?

      Customization usually depends on the retailer. At Jenni Home, we offer customization to some extent. For instance, we offer choices for each product with respect to its leg finish, size, style, etc.

      For example, some sofas have multiple leg finishes, such as mocha, walnut, etc.