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      Frequently Asked Questions

      King-Size Beds

      How does sleeping on a spacious bed where you can turn, twist, and sleep worry-free and comfortably sound? Amazing and relaxing, right? To achieve that comfort, you need a king-size bed.

      A king-size bed is generously spacious and can accommodate up to two adults easily. At Jennihome, you'll find fantastic king-size beds in different designs and materials. These beds are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.


      1. What are the dimensions of a King Size Bed?

      A standard king-size bed is typically (76 inches x 80 inches), 76 inches wide, and 80 inches long. These dimensions may vary a little bit depending on the design and manufacturer.


      2. Do King Size Beds come with a mattress included?

      King-size beds can come with or without a mattress. The inclusion of mattresses depends on the manufacturer and retailer. Mattresses are typically purchased separately so that individuals can choose the type and firmness that suits their preferences.


      3. What types of mattresses are suitable for King Size Beds?

      Any type of mattress is suitable for a king-size bed as long as the dimensions are correct. It can house different types of mattresses, including innerspring, memory foam, latex, gel grid, and hybrid mattresses. The choice depends on personal comfort preferences, sleeping habits, and health considerations.


      4. Can two people comfortably sleep on a King Size Bed?

      Yes. A king-size bed is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate two adults, giving each person enough space to sleep without feeling cramped. It is the widest standard mattress size available.


      5. What is the weight capacity of a typical King Size Bed?

      The weight capacity of a king-size bed can vary depending on the bed frame material or foundation used. Typically, these beds can support the weight of two adults and the mattress.


      6. How many can fit into a king-size bed?

      A king-size bed is perfect for two adults. However, it is quite spacious and also offers extra space for people with children or pets, making it a popular choice for couples with additional sleeping companions.


      7. Where can I buy a King-size bed online?

      You can buy perfect king-size beds online at Here, you have the choice between design and materials.


      8. Do king-size beds require special care or maintenance?

      King-size beds generally do not require any special care beyond regular cleaning and mattress maintenance. Follow the mattress manufacturer's care instructions and care for the bed frame or bed frame as recommended.


      9. What are the top-selling King-size beds available online?

      The availability of top-selling king-size beds can change. Still, some popular beds from Jennihome includes Campania king-sized wooden panel bed in soft beige, East Hampton panel wooden bed in classic English design, and Milo panel bed with tubular steel and sheet metal frame.