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Motion recliners aren't simply chairs or sofas that move with you. They are more than that. Picture yourself sinking into one after a long day. You can even feel the comfort in your thoughts. Do... Motion recliners aren't simply chairs or sofas that move with you. They are more than that. Picture yourself sinking into one after a long day. You can even feel the comfort in your thoughts. Do you know that recliners offer better back support? When you stand for long periods of time or sit, it affects your back, especially if you don't have the right chair. Luckily, recliners come with lumbar support that helps reduce back pain and improve your spine condition. They are available in two types: manual recliners and power recliners. Here, power recliners are ideal for people suffering from limited mobility. They can lift the footrest, adjust the headrest, and recline with just a touch of a button. So, whether you are looking for power recliners or manual recliners in fabric or leather material, ensure you invest in the best one. But where to buy super comfy and pocket-friendly recliners? Visit Jenni Home, the top destination for your furniture needs. It has listed some cool recliners that you must miss. Shop now and grab some instant discounts. Read More
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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Motion Recliner Furniture

      Sofas are fine, but motion recliners are super cool furniture that takes comfort to the next level. If you ever want super comfy furniture that moves with you, then get your hands on the recliner furniture.

      They are designed to provide comfortable seating for you to relax. With adjustable positions, you can easily recline partially or fully according to your preference. You can find the perfect angle to support your back, neck, and legs with adjustable headrests and footrests. So, this furniture not only helps promote better posture but also reduces discomfort.

      Did we mention the stress-relieving feature? Well, the reclining ability of a motion recliner reduces the stress and fatigue that your body carries.

      Also, reclining allows you to rest in a more natural and comfortable position. It can help ease tension in your muscles and promote relaxation. You can simply sit on it, stretch your legs, watch TV, read a book, or simply unwind after a long day.

      The best thing is that these days, recliner furniture is available in so many styles that you can use it as regular furniture in your home without needing a separate recliner for relaxation. But where do I buy one?

      Visit JenniHome, the one-stop destination for all your reclining needs.


      1. What is motion recliner furniture?

      Motion recliner furniture is simply a chair or sofa that comes with mechanisms to adjust and recline the seating position. What makes them extra special is that they are loaded with impressive features such as footrests, flexible backs, adjustable headrests, lumbar support, and sometimes even built-in massagers or heating elements.

      2. How do motion recliners work?

      Motion recliners come with a mechanism that allows the chair or sofa to recline backward while simultaneously elevating the footrest.

      Let's decode every part of the motion recliner.

      • The frame and reclining mechanism are designed to handle the reclining action. So, you can recline at whatever angle feels right. There's a lever or button that you can pull or push to activate the reclining.
      • But what makes the reclining happen are the springs and the tension bars present in the recliner. They team up to regulate the movement and add the right amount of resistance.
      • The footrest is either attached to the mechanism or, in some models, comes with a lever to extend and retract when you lean back.
      • Lastly, the backrest adjustment helps you find the perfect spot for reclining. It's designed with multiple adjustment points and gives you the power to tweak the angle until it feels right for you.

      This reclining mechanism can be operated manually or electronically using a touch control, buttons, or levers.

      3. What types of motion mechanisms are commonly used in recliner furniture?

      The two commonly used recliner furniture mechanisms include:

      • Manual Recliners: These are pretty simple. On the side, you will find a lever or a button; if you want to relax, you will have to put in a little effort.
      • Power Recliners: These are the unusual ones. Instead of a manual lever, an electric motor does the heavy lifting. You can control them with side buttons or even a remote control.

      4. Are motion recliners best for short naps or even sleeping?

      Yes, absolutely. Motion recliners allow you to recline and stretch your legs flat. Unlike sofas, you can simply recline, stretch, and sleep comfortably. People dealing with GERD, sleep apnea, or back pain may find motion recliners provide better comfort during the night than a bed.

      So, in short, if you find the recliner super comfortable, go ahead with your idea of using it for a full night's sleep.

      5. What is a recliner chair?

      A recliner chair is a single-seat piece of furniture that's built with a reclining mechanism. It allows the user to recline the backrest backward and extend a footrest for added comfort. Recliner chairs are best if you are looking for individualized comfort and support.

      6. Are recliner chairs suitable for people with mobility issues?

      Yes, recliner chairs are highly beneficial for individuals with mobility issues or limited mobility. In particular, lift recliner chairs come with a lifting mechanism that helps individuals stand up with ease. This reduces strain on the knees and back.

      7. What is a recliner sofa, and what are its benefits?

      A recliner sofa is a type of sofa that has built-in reclining mechanisms. In most cases, a sofa has one or more seats to recline backward and extend a footrest where the middle seat stays static.

      Recliner sofas offer customizable comfort with multiple reclining seats and built-in footrests for leg support. Even sectional sofas come with a reclining mechanism. They are available as power reclining sectionals, chaise sectionals with adjustable arms and headrests, L-shaped recliner sectional sofas, and leather chairs.

      8. How do you operate a recliner sofa?

      You can operate a recliner sofa using manual or power mechanisms on each reclining seat's sides. For manual recliner sofas, a lever or handle is used to activate the reclining function. Meanwhile, power recliner sofas feature buttons or remote controls for easy adjustment.

      9. Can a recliner sofa fit into small spaces?

      This depends on the recliner sofa's size. There are compact-sized recliner sofas available that are specifically designed to fit into smaller living rooms or apartments while still providing the comfort and functionality of a traditional recliner sofa.

      10. What motion-reclining furniture is available on

      Jennihome has various types of motion-reclining furniture, including recliner chairs, recliner loveseats, recliner sofas, recliner sectionals, recliner living room sets, and more.