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You learn a thing or two after 20 years in The Furniture Industry.

We've built our business around understanding and delivering what customers truly want from a furniture retailer. Our focus is on furniture — and providing superior customer service. That’s it.

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We are Different

Same name brands for less, How?

How is Jenni Home able to offer same name brands and great quality furniture for less?

Jenni Home is a different kind of Furniture store. How are we different?

  • 1. Furniture companies typically have a large number of physical stores and of course they have to pay for them. Which means YOU have to pay for them. But we don’t have stores. Jenni Home is our store. That means we can pass the Savings to our customers, which is YOU.
  • 2. Furniture companies have massive warehouses and thousands of employees and again, they have to pay for them. Which means YOU have to pay for them. We don’t have warehouses. Jenni Home ships directly from manufacturer and with efficient supply chain able to meet or beat traditional furniture store delivery times. This huge cost savings are passed to YOU.
  • 3. Furniture companies spend millions of dollars on TV, Radio and other type of Ads and obviously they have to pay for those. Which means YOU have to pay for them. We don’t do that. Jenni Home is growing with customer reference and word of mouth. All the money saved in advertising is passed to YOU.

Sometimes the better choice is just simply in front of you

- Jenni Home. Shop with us and see the difference.

Introducing Shop More Save More

How we use technology to save you moeny

It starts with discounts

At JenniHome we offer special discounted pricing specifically for living and dining room sets.

Add pieces and save

The more pieces you order from any particular set, the greater the discount you receive.

We ship smarter to save you more

Our technology systems calculate the savings from shipping multiple items all at once, then we pass that savings on to you!

We care about YOU

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Showcase your brand with Jenni Home

We’ve partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry. Our website uses proprietary software and systems to help connect our customers with your products. We can help you grow and reach a broader audience. See why partnering with 1StopBedrooms is a great move for your furniture business.

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