Social Responsibility

Making a Difference

By donating to Children’s Health℠, we all are giving kids the best experience, the best care and ultimately the best fighting chance to get back to being a kid again. 

A portion of every purchase at Jenni Home supports this world-wide initiative. Come join us in helping kids live their dream.

Happy Employees

We are committed to ensuring a safe, vibrant and happy working environment for everyone. We do this by following strict safety and health rules, various engagement practices, trainings, etc.

Diversity and inclusiveness strategies start at recruiting and hiring. Each employee has a unique role in making Jenni Home a better and more rewarding place to work.

Environment & Ethical Sourcing

Jenni Home is committed to environmental excellence in all of its business activities - from the design of its products to its manufacturing processes. We have a long-standing corporate tradition of providing a safe and healthful work place, protecting the environment, and conserving energy and natural resources.

Jenni Home is committed to protecting the human rights and safety of the people who produce its products, raw materials and component parts used in production.