How To Clean And Maintain Your Sleeper Sofa

How To Clean And Maintain Your Sleeper Sofa

Regularly maintaining your sleeper sofa ensures its optimal appearance and longevity. Therefore, it is imperative to keep your sleeper sofa maintained.

If you are having trouble cleaning and maintaining your sleeper, don't worry, we are here with some of the most crucial cleaning and maintenance tips to help your sleeper sofa last long.

With these tips, you are sure to keep your sleeper sofa as new as possible for years. So let's get started.


So, how does the cleaning process works? We've divided this section into two parts to make it easier for you to understand.

Regular Cleaning

How To Clean And Maintain Your Sleeper Sofa - Regular Cleaning

In any case, you need to clean your sleeper sofa regularly. It's as easy as child's play, all you have to do is follow these four steps.

Step 1

Once you wake up and your sleeper is in bed form, start cleaning the mattress cover or bed sheet. Remove the cover/sheet to get rid of the loose dirt or debris. Frequently wash the covers.

Step 2

Now, with the help of a vacuum cleaner, clean the mattress and areas such as corners where dirt tends to accumulate. Also, vacuum the bed frame.

Step 3

Take a dry washcloth and clean the frame to remove settled dust. This also helps keep the bed frame looking brand new.

Step 4

After folding the sleeper back, vacuum the seat base and any remaining areas.

Spot Cleaning

How To Clean And Maintain Your Sleeper Sofa - Spot Cleaning

It's pretty natural for us to spill things, isn't it? But removing the stain can be a task. Let's see how we can remove the stain on the sleeper sofa with the help of these simple six steps.

Step 1

As soon as you spill something on your sleeper, act immediately. Blot as much as possible with the help of blotting paper or a well-absorbent cloth. We always recommend not rubbing the stain, just dabbing the area with light pressure.

Step 2

Now take a cleaning solution recommended by the manufacturer or use a mixture of mild detergent and lukewarm/clear water as the cleaning solution.

Step 3

Take a clean white (undyed) washcloth, dip it in the solution, and start rubbing the stain. You can also use an upholstery cleaning brush, readily available online.

Consider using the ones with soft bristles, or look for the brush based on your upholstery fabric. Again, you must carefully rub it with precision to avoid spreading. Don't rub it harshly.

Step 4

When the stain is gone, rinse the area with clean water to remove any detergent.

Step 5

Rinsing the area will wet it, so it's important to blot up the excess water. Using a dry and clean cloth, try to get rid of as much water as you can.

Step 6

This is the most critical step. Now you have to be patient. Allow the area to dry naturally, do not use quick-drying methods.

Deep Cleaning

How To Clean And Maintain Your Sleeper Sofa - Deep Cleaning

We are talking about steam cleaning. Yes, you heard that right. We call it a deep cleaning, as this process cleans the sleeper sofa from the inside out. One thing to remember is not to overdo it with the steam. Let's learn some more steps to help you clean your sleeper sofa using steam cleaning method.

Step 1

Before you start steam cleaning your sleeper, vacuum it first. Remove all dirt, debris, and bits and pieces.

Step 2

Also. treat stains on the couch before you start steaming your sleeper sofa. You can follow the steps mentioned earlier in this article or follow your manufacturer's care instructions.

Step 3

Using an upholstery steam cleaner, start cleaning your sleeper sofa. Work in small portions and start cleaning from the corner and covering the rest of the sofa.

This prevents oversaturation and helps the area dry quickly. It is best to run the steam nozzle over the upholstery with quick movements. It helps remove stains from the fibers and reduces the amount of water penetrating the sofa.

Step 4

Allow your sleeper sofa to air dry, you can open your doors and windows, and even turn on your ceiling or table fans to speed up the process.

*Following the manufacturer's instructions can help you avoid unexpected damage to the material, because the cleaning method depends a lot on the type of stain and fabric.


For your sleeper to remain in good condition, you must also protect it aside from cleaning. We couldn't agree more with the saying - "Prevention is better than cure". 

How Can You Prevent the Damage?

How Can You Prevent the Damage

Protection from Splashes, Stains, Scratches, Cuts, and Abrasions:

To protect your sleeper sofa from all this, use a cover for both the sofa and the mattress. A wide variety of sofa covers and specially designed bed sheets for sleepers are available on the market.

Protection Against Mold Growth

Mold usually grows when moisture is present. To prevent this, keep your sleeper sofa dry. You can use vacuum cleaning or just let it air dry by removing the covers. Avoid keeping it in damp areas.

Fabric Fade Protection

Your sleeping fabric is prone to fading if you keep it in an area that gets direct or maximum exposure to the sun throughout the day. Try to keep it away from direct sunlight.

Protection Against Frame Damage

Do not handle the frame carelessly. If you think it needs oiling, do it right away. Also, keep the frame on a flat surface and avoid jumping on the sleeper sofa.

Protection Against Fabric Damage

To ensure that you don't damage the fabric in the process avoid using harsh chemicals to clean the fabric. Always do a patch test on a small hidden area to ensure it doesn't leave marks on your upholstery. 

For fabrics such as leather avoid using non-leather upholstery cleaning products. Alkaline or ammonia-based cleaners can severely damage the upholstery fabric, especially leather.

Undoubtedly care and maintenance play their part in keeping the sleeper in good condition. But it is also of paramount importance to buy a quality sleeper sofa.

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In conclusion, cleaning and maintaining go hand in hand when it comes to caring for a sleeper sofa. With proper care, your sleeper can result in extra durability. 

Clean dust and debris regularly with a vacuum cleaner, change and wash sheets frequently, use a mild detergent solution to clean stains, and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Also, protect the sleeper sofa by using covers and avoiding activities that can damage it. Purchasing a good quality sleeper is like a cherry on top.

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