8 Practical Tips for Making Your Sofa Bed More Comfortable

Practical Tips for Making Your Sofa Bed More Comfortable


  1. How Do You Make Your Sofa Bed More Comfortable?
  2. Add A Mattress Topper For Smooth Comfort
  3. Flip The Mattress Regularly
  4. Lubricate The Metal Parts Of The Sofa Bed
  5. Clean The Mattress And Topper Regularly
  6. Use Pillows To Fill The Gaps
  7. Use a Duvet
  8. Have You Considered A Throw Blanket?
  9. Buy A New Mattress
  10. Choose The Right Fabric Type For Your Sofa Bed
  11. Final Words

Choosing the sofa bed from the myriad of options available online is not an easy-peasy task. Somehow, you crossed that sea and brought home your favorite sofa bed.

Let’s say you have used the sofa bed for some time, and it doesn’t provide you with the desired comfort, or your new sofa bed is dragging a little to give you personalized comfort. So, you keep tossing and turning while sleeping or keep adjusting your sofa while seated.

Well, these are the symptoms of your sofa bed asking for good maintenance and putting in some add-ons to enhance its comfort level. This article comes with some practical tips to make your sofa bed serve your comfort needs.

How Do You Make Your Sofa Bed More Comfortable?

1. Add A Mattress Topper For Smooth Comfort

Add a mattress topper for smooth comfort

We can safely refer to the mattress topper as the cozy sweater for your sofa bed mattress. It's the upgrade you didn't know you needed.

Sometimes, the sofa bed mattresses don't come as dreamy as you expect. Based on the sofa bed mechanism's ability to hold the mattress, it tends to change. If your sofa bed comes with a thin mattress or is too firm, especially if the mattress is bumpy, try adding a mattress topper and making it smooth.

If your mattress is thick, but you still feel like missing something, then it's again the topper. To get a bed-like comfort, it's best to choose it. Remember, it's the little things that count because everyone deserves a good night's sleep, even if it comes from a sofa bed.

2. Flip The Mattress Regularly

Flip the mattress regularly

Be honest! When was the last time you flipped your mattress?

Most people overlook this function and complain that their mattress does not provide the support and comfort it should. We tend to sleep in the same pose on the same spot on the mattress, so naturally, that part of the sofa bed mattress will become uneven or start to sag a bit.

So, just like you change your hairstyle or at least the car tires, flip the mattress regularly to maintain its shape. It's a small move that can make a big difference! Also, flipping your sofa bed's mattress is one of the ways to keep it groovy.
Remember, your mattress works tirelessly to serve you better. So show a little love and make things right by flipping it often.

3. Lubricate The Metal Parts Of The Sofa Bed

Lubricate the metal parts of the sofa bed

Are you aware of the metal parts of your sofa bed in the first place? If yes, good. Otherwise, learn that the sofa bed carries your mattress using a metal frame and the entire mechanism is mostly made of metal.

If you ever heard a squeaking sound every time you convert the sofa into a bed or when you shift to different positions while sleeping, it's due to the lubrication problem.

Just like oiling the gears in a machine, applying oil to the metal parts makes sure that everything moves smoothly, reducing friction and preventing squeaks. Also, lubricating the metal protects it from rust and corrosion.

4. Clean The Mattress And Topper Regularly

Clean the mattress and topper regularly

Now that you know the importance of a mattress topper, be sure to clean and maintain it regularly. But have you ever had foul-smelling things in your mattress or on the topper?

Body odors, or sometimes even accidental spills, can cause this. Also, with time, your mattress and topper will start attracting dust and carrying your dead skin cells. This makes it more contaminated, and at times, it can start harboring germs.

This underscores the importance of regular cleaning so that these contaminants are kept at bay, and you can promote a cleaner and healthier sleeping environment. This way, you can make your sofa bed a more comfortable space to relax and unwind.

5. Use Pillows To Fill The Gaps

Use pillows to fill the gaps

If your sofa bed has a full mattress, you don't have to deal with the problem of gaps. But the case is different if it's a dual-motion sofa bed.

In this type, two seats open and convert into a bed separately. So, one person can sit on a sofa while the other can convert the same sofa into a bed and sleep. This is called the dual motion function.

Each seat comes with a separate mattress, which can be folded in or out at any time. But the issue here is that when both seats with the mattress are unfolded, there might be minor gaps.

Filling the sofa bed gaps with small pillows is a practical idea. Sometimes, the back seat is removed during the sofa bed conversion process. Here, you can add the pillows, cover the empty space, and improve comfort.

6. Use a Duvet

Use a duvet

Wait!! What's a duvet in the first place? A duvet or duvet insert has other names, such as comforter or quilt. It's a type of blanket with interchangeable covers.
If your sofa bed mattress is thin, consider adding a duvet as the top layer of bedding.

This soft, flat bag is often filled with insulating materials such as synthetic fibers, down features, or a combination of these materials to give you a warm and cozy experience.

7. Have You Considered A Throw Blanket?

Have you considered a throw blanket

Have you ever wanted to add an instant warm feeling to your sofa bed? A throw blanket can get you that. A throw blanket is best when the room gets a bit chilly.

The exciting thing is that you can switch up your decor without much effort. Fold or drape the throw blanket in a different way, and tada! A new style is added.

We have previously mentioned the importance of cleaning the sofa bed and the mattress. But now, instead of washing the entire sofa bed cover, a throw blanket makes the task easy. Just toss it in the laundry for an easy cleanup and keep your sofa bed fresh and inviting.

But this doesn't mean you must not clean the mattress; do it occasionally.

8. Buy A New Mattress

Buy a new mattress

If your sofa bed mattress is not doing the job right even after putting in some add-ons for extra comfort, then it has retired. So, wave goodbye to your old mattress and invest in a new one.

Also, you can get the comfort level you long for if the mattress is not thick enough. So, in this case, consider investing in a higher-quality mattress. You can also look for memory foam or gel-infused mattresses for enhanced comfort.

9. Choose The Right Fabric Type For Your Sofa Bed

Choose the right fabric type for your sofa bed

Imagine sitting on a sofa bed to relax, but the surface isn’t soft and irritates you rather than giving a good, comfy feel.

In fact, be honest; the first thing you notice when you sit on a sofa or couch is the smoothness of the upholstery, right? This is why you must use a soft, breathable fabric like linen or cotton.

  • Linen absorbs moisture and resists bacteria. Good news! But it won't keep you warm. So, if your place has a chilly environment, linen might not be the best pick.
  • Wool fabric is tough and brings in some extra snugness. So it can be best for a cooler environment.
  • Cotton fabric has a soft feel and can give you ample comfort. But it can get a bit wet and soft with time. Also, this fabric isn't the best option if you use your sofa bed as a dining spot, as it can get stained.

Make sure to choose the fabric material by weighing its pros and cons.

Final Words

If your sofa bed is not delivering the comfort you need, no worries. Spend some time analyzing what's making it less comfortable, add quality bedding, and regularly maintain them.

Doing so allows you to turn the tables and get a cozy sofa bed to relax. Imagine your sofa bed isn't delivering comfort for your guests. It creates a bad impression, right?

Now that you have read the article completely, you must have a better idea of how to increase the quality of your sofa bed and help it serve you better. You can also take a look at our sofa bed collections at Jenni Home if you are planning to get a new one!

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