Sofa Bed Vs Sleeper Sofa - What's The Difference?

Sleeper Sofa Vs Sofa Bed


  1. Sleeper Sofa Vs Sofabed
  2. Types of Sofabed Mechanisms
  3. Why Do People Love Sleeper Sofas or Sofa Beds?
  4. Sleeper Sofas and Sofa beds are a good investment, but are they worth the money?
  5. Where Can You Buy Exemplary Sleeper Sofas and Sofa Beds?
  6. Conclusion

Sleeper Sofa vs. Sofa Bed: What's the Difference?

Let's say you have space constraints in your house where you can't put a bed in place. Or, you often have to host guests and preparing a separate space for them is way more challenging.

For whatever reason, you decided to buy a piece of furniture like a sofa bed. Wait! Is it a sofa bed or a sleeper sofa? Are these terms used interchangeably? Why is there so much confusion between these two terms?

Well, you will be a bit shocked to learn the truth. Keep scrolling to learn the difference between these two furniture terms.

Sleeper Sofa Vs Sofabed

Let's clear the air now.

Sleeper sofas or sofa beds, are the same. Both terms refer to furniture that acts as a sofa and can be converted into a sleeper bed.

People often search for sleeper sofas vs. sofa beds, thinking both are different. But here's the catch: The only thing that changes in a sofa bed or sleeper sofa is its conversion mechanism.

The mechanism by which it converts into a bed. For example, some sofa beds come with an in-built mattress inside them. For others, you just have to flatten the sofa bed's back.

Types of Sofabed Mechanisms

There are three main types of sofabed mechanisms, aka the basic opening mechanisms, namely the pull-out mechanism, the easy-open mechanism, and the click-clack mechanism.

1. Pull-out Mechanism:

This model is considered the industry standard. It's easy to set up and put away. How this mechanism works is that you must remove the top cushions from the sofa and pull out the mattress, which is folded inside the sofa. In some cases, the pull-out comes with a thin mattress. Either you can add toppers or customize it by adding a thick mattress.

2. Click-Clack Sofabed:

The Click Clack sofa bed is extremely affordable because it's a simple mechanism and doesn't carry a mattress. There is no formal mattress, as the top and bottom of the sofa spread out to become the bed.

But why is it named Click Clack?

Well, when you convert the sofa into a bed, the sofa bed locks in place correctly with click and clack sounds. And hence the name. To fold the sofa, just release the locks and make it straight.

3. The Easy-Open Sofa Bed:

We can also call this sofa bed mechanism a one-step mechanism because it merely takes a single step to convert it into a bed. Unlike a pull-out bed, you don't have to remove the cushions as they are already attached to the sofa. So they stay in place whether you open or close the bed.

To open the bed, pull forward at the top of the back cushion and move one step back. The bed unfolds by itself, and you are done.

Why Do People Love Sleeper Sofas or Sofa Beds?

Why do sleeper sofas and sofa beds appeal to so many people

Sofa beds or sleeper sofas, are trending these days. Thanks to its ability to withhold dual functionality. Besides their versatility and stylish design, let's take a look at some other factors that appeal to people:

  • The ability to transform into a comfortable bed
  • Brilliant space-saving features
  • Help maintain a tidy appearance in a limited space
  • They are affordable, easy to use, comfortable, and durable
  • Act as a substitute for a bed in a guest room.
  • An intelligent mechanism for easy conversion
  • Some have extra storage capacity to store extra belongings

Sleeper Sofas and Sofabeds Are Good Investment, But Are They Worth The Money?

Sleeper Sofas and Sofa beds are a good investment, but are they worth the money

We often assume that some furniture, especially sleeper sofas or sofa beds, comes with a hefty price tag. But reality tells a different story. In most cases, the sofa bed doesn't pinch your pocket.

The 2-in-1 features make them more functional. You can enjoy your couch time and move around easily during the day because the sofa is folded and stays in place. Meanwhile, you can simply open them at night and use them as a bed. Finally, you don't have to deal with the hassle of having an additional guest bed at home.

So instead of buying a separate sofa and bed, which would cost you more, you can get a sleeper sofa or sofa bed with the same comfort and size as a regular bed.

Where Can You Buy Exemplary Sleeper Sofas and Sofa Beds?

Where Can You Buy Exemplary Sleeper Sofas and Sofa Beds

In addition to the functionality and comfort, you would want to buy sleeper sofas and sofa beds that are stylish too. JenniHome is one such website that can help you get the most suitable one for you. At, a wide range of sleepers and sofa beds are available in different sizes, styles, colors, and materials.


Is your doubt cleared? Sleeper sofas or sofa beds, whatever you call them, are versatile pieces of furniture that serve more than one purpose.

The sofa bed or sleeper sofa varies in terms of the mechanism by which it converts into a bed. Some sofa beds have a hidden mattress, and for some, the back seat must be flattened to make it a mattress. You just have to check the mechanism, the upholstery material, the mattress thickness, color, style, and most importantly, the budget before investing in one.

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