Different Types Of Sleeper Sofa - Detailed Guide

Different Types of Sleeper Sofa


  1. Types Of Sleeper Sofas
  2. Pull-Out Sleeper Sofa
  3. Sectional Sleeper Sofa
  4. Sofa Bed
  5. Futon Sofa
  6. Daybed
  7. Wrapping Up

So, you wanted to know the different types of sleeper sofas. But before that, let's clarify that a sleeper sofa differs from a sofa bed. People often need clarification on the sleeper sofa and sofa bed.

A sleeper sofa typically refers to a sofa with a built-in mattress and frame that can be pulled out from underneath the seat cushions. At the same time, a sofabed doesn't come with any additional mattress. But the cushions in the backrest are made flat and formed as a bed. So, the cushions are the mattress here.

In this article, we have given different types of sleeper sofas and have mentioned sofa beds, futons, and daybeds as sleeper sofa types. Because all the types ultimately serve two purposes - sofa during the day and bed at night. Just the pull-out mechanism in the sleeper sofa makes it different from the other types.

Let's learn the different types of sleeper sofas.

Types Of Sleeper Sofas

Pull-out Sleeper Sofa

Pull-out sleeper sofa

We can safely call this type of sleeper sofa the traditional type. It is also called a hide-a-bed or a sleeper sofa. Its dual function makes it serve as a sofa during the day and a bed during the night. As the name suggests, this sleeper sofa comes with a folded mattress and is stored inside the sofa.

To convert the sofa into a sleeper sofa, simply pull out the mattress, and you are done. But remember, the mechanism for a pull-out sleeper sofa can differ.
Mostly, it involves a metal frame that slides out from under the cushions. The mattress is folded in half for storage and is made of foam or innerspring coils. Also, some higher-end models consist of an air mattress.

After using the pull-out sleeper sofa as a bed, you must fold up the mattress and the frame and then slide it back into the sofa. Based on the design, the folding mechanism can be a relatively simple process or require additional effort.

Sectional Sleeper Sofa

Sectional sleeper sofa

This type is similar to the pull-out sleeper sofa type but is a sectional. Usually, sectionals have multiple sections that can be rearranged into different configurations to fit the specific needs of any space.

So, it provides ample seating space for your family and friends. And the exciting thing is it can also serve as a bed during the night. You have to pull out the mattress and use it for sleeping purposes. Since the mattress in sectionals is thick, you can doze off more comfortably.

Sofa Bed

Sofa bed

As mentioned earlier, a sofa bed differs slightly from a sleeper sofa. A sleeper sofa often requires some assembly or manual conversion. In contrast, a sofa bed is designed for effortless transformation. It's a piece of furniture that transforms seamlessly from a cozy couch to a comfortable bed.

It's like having a superhero at home, ready to save the day when unexpected guests arrive, or you just feel like lounging in style. Plus, sofa beds often come in a variety of stylish designs. So you can choose the style that complements your decor and suits your taste.

Futon Sofa

Futon sofa

At first glance, you may assume the futon sofa is for regular ones. But the futon sofabed is more than you think. The secret sauce about the futon sleeper is its transformation. It doesn't hide a bulky mattress under the cushions like a traditional sofabed.

Instead, the futon uses a simple yet effective folding and unfolding system. Its backrest folds down flat, creating a smooth and clean uniform sleeping surface. Here the seat cushion becomes the mattress.

Since the cushions are made of high density foam or a combination of foam and cotton, you won't complain about comfort. Besides this, this sofabed takes up very little space. So it can be an ideal choice for small apartments or guest rooms.

Overall, the futon sofabed is a haven for comfort with a strong frame, plush cushions that spill ample comfort, and a stylish fabric covering.



Imagine a piece of furniture that is versatile that it can be used as a comfortable sofa during the day. And transformed into a cozy bed at night. That's the magic of a daybed.

Did you know that daybeds have been around for centuries and were originally used by the ancient Greeks and Romans? Daybeds have also been used to symbolize royalty and power throughout history.

While daybeds have evolved, they still maintain their functionality as a comfortable place to lounge during the day.

What makes it different from the traditional type is that the daybed has a built-in twin-size mattress. So you don't have to worry about storage or setting up an extra mattress.

The mattress is supported by a frame designed to look like a sofa, with a backrest and armrests that provide support and comfort.

Today, daybeds continue to be popular and functional pieces of furniture. And it ideally serves you for relaxing, socializing, or even sleeping.

Wrapping Up

Before concluding, let’s give you a quick summary.

Traditional pull-out sleeper sofas are perhaps the most common type. It features a fold-out bed frame and mattress hidden within the sofa.

Modern designs incorporate mechanisms that allow the backrest or seat cushions to fold down or slide out. Thus creating a flat sleeping surface without needing a separate frame. These sleeper sofa types are often more compact and lightweight, making them a good choice for smaller spaces or frequent moving.

In conclusion, the type of sleeper sofa right for you will depend on your personal needs and preferences. Check the sofa's size, the mattress's comfort and support, and the ease of use when selecting a sleeper sofa that will fit your lifestyle and space.

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