Best Sleeper Sofa with Traditional Look (2024 Collections)

Best Sleeper Sofa with Traditional Look


  1. 4 Best Sleeper Sofa with Traditional Look
  2. Kathy Ireland Callas Leather Sleeper Sofa
  3. Charleston Gray King Sleeper Sofa
  4. Gloria Fabric Queen Loveseat Sleeper Sofa
  5. Noah Sectional Sofa Sleeper with Reversible Chaise
  6. Conclusion

Sleeper sofas are way more fabulous than you might think! So, the other day, I was chatting with my friend about sprucing up her place. She mentioned she wanted a more traditional vibe for her living room, but she thought sleeper sofas were just basic and not stylish enough.

I had to set the record straight! I told her there's a whole bunch of awesome sleeper sofa designs out there, including some classy traditional ones. There's more to these sofas than just functionality, and I'm about to spill the details. Stick around to find out about the best traditional sleeper sofas for your home!

4 Best Sleeper Sofa with Traditional Look

1. Kathy Ireland Callas Leather Sleeper Sofa

Kathy Ireland Callas Leather Sleeper Sofa

First, we have the Kathy Ireland Callas Leather Sleeper Sofa by one of the world-renowned manufacturers, Digio Leather. This sleeper sofa is the top choice when discussing traditional-style sleeper sofas.

Besides being an embodiment of style, this sleeper sofa is functional and high-quality, too. Let me explain the design first, and then we'll proceed to the specifications.

Callas has elegant button tufts throughout, which makes it perfect for traditional homes. The tufting is so neat that you'll fall in love with this sofa the moment you see it. If you think those tufts bother you while you sit, not at all!

For that extra traditional feel, this sleeper sofa has wood legs and nailhead trims on the front of the armrests. And hold on; the best part is its gray upholstery, which also makes it ideal for any decor, including modern homes.

Reasons to Buy This Sleeper Sofa: 

Here are the top reasons to buy the gorgeous Callas Leather Sleeper Sofa from Kathy Ireland:

  • Premium Craftsmanship:

As we say, it's not just about looks; beauty lies within. It's also true in the case of sleeper sofas. Imagine buying a furniture piece that looks absolutely exquisite but with poor craftsmanship. Would you like to keep it?

The Callas Sleeper is based on Italian craftsmanship and is made using high-quality materials only. The leather used for upholstery is not just any ordinary leather. It's 100% top-grain leather, which ensures the most comfortable and luxurious experience.

  • Immense Comfort:

Underneath its leather upholstery, you'll find eco-flex high-resiliency foam, which perfectly balances firm support and medium comfort. The tight seat cushions and firm/medium back cushions provide the comfort you want and the support your body needs.

When discussing a sleeper sofa, how can we forget the mattress? Callas has a solid 5" thick memory foam mattress to give you the peaceful sleep you've longed for, which many sleeper sofas may not provide.

  • Convenience:

When most people hear the term sleeper sofa, the first thing that comes to mind is the conversion process. To some, it seems like a hassle; to others, maybe not. The Callas sleeper sofa has the most effortless opening mechanism.

The easy-to-open mechanism lets you convert this beauty into a bed in less than ten seconds. It also saves you from the hassle of removing cushions or putting effort into pulling out the frame. You only need to lift the top of the back cushion forward. That's it; the bed unfolds by itself.

  • Sturdy Construction:

No matter how good the materials are, your sleeper sofa will only last if the construction is sturdy. The frame construction is the foundation of the whole sofa.

With Callas, you get a galvanized steel frame with solid wood parts and metal decking that guarantees long-lasting resilience and support. So, you can relax knowing that the robust frame would offer you the most comfortable sleep, equivalent to a bed.

Key Features: 

  • Dimensions (in): W:104.25" x D:66.5" x H:33.75"
  • Elegant button tufts
  • Luxurious nailhead trims
  • 100% Top grain leather
  • Wooden legs
  • Metal Decking
  • Galvanized steel frame with solid wood parts
  • Five-inch thick premium memory foam mattress
  • Ecoflex high resiliency foam cushion
  • Easy open sofa bed mechanism

2. Charleston Gray King Sleeper Sofa

Charleston Gray King Sleeper Sofa with Level Function

The Charleston sleeper sofa is the perfect example of simplicity at its best. This sleeper sofa has clean lines with beautiful rolled arms, making it second on the list.

The fabric upholstery impeccably complements the wood legs, giving Charleston a perfect traditional look. This kind of sleeper sofa is likely to blend into any interior decor style while serving as the focal point at the same time.

Manufactured by Luonto, a big name in the furniture industry, this sleeper sofa serves more than just the looks.

More Reasons To Buy This Sleeper Sofa: 

Here are the top reasons to buy the stunning Charleston Fabric Sleeper Sofa from Luonto:

  • Optimal Comfort:

By looking at this sleeper sofa, you can tell this sleeper is immensely comfortable. Getting into the details, the seat cushions on this sofa are filled with 2.2lb CertiPUR-certified Cold Cured Medium High Resilience Foam and fiber padding.

Let me explain if you are wondering what a cold-cured foam is. It is a high-quality foam known for its excellent durability, resilience, performance, contouring abilities, and resistance to bacteria, dust mites, and allergens.

The comfort game doesn't end here. Charleston also has felt foam protection at the bottom for extra comfort and convenience. In addition, the high-quality fabric feels great against the skin, which is another sign of superior comfort.

This sleeper is not only a sofa but is also highly comfortable as a bed. If you're concerned about sleeping peacefully, there's no need to worry. Sleeping on that five-inch thick mattress will surely be a fantastic experience.

  • Ease of Use:

Talking about convenience, how can I forget how easy it is to convert this sofa into a bed? The Charleston has a premium single-motion sleeper mechanism.

The level function allows it to open smoothly without any hassle. All you need to do is pull the frame forward, and as the seat moves towards you, take a few steps back, and you're good to go.

In addition, the gas spring assist on this sleeper ensures a gentle and quiet closing, saving you from wrestling with the cumbersome and noisy sofa-to-bed transition. Moreover, this sleeper has a zipper closure for added convenience, making it easy to maintain.

  • Sturdy Frame:

To make this sofa super sturdy, the manufacturer has done the best job. Charleston's frame is made of birch plywood/nordic spruce for extra strength. The wooden legs provide the stability that a sofa requires.

The most intriguing part is incorporating the no-sag spring, which offers even more durability. This system ensures that the cushion remains firm and there's no sagging even after frequent use.

Key Features: 

  • Dimensions (in): W:91.5" x D:40" x H:35"
  • Premium fabric upholstery
  • Rolled-arms
  • High-resilience foam cushioning
  • Single motion sleeper
  • Level function
  • Gas Spring Assist
  • Birch plywood/nordic spruce frame
  • Five-inch thick foam mattress
  • Soft close mechanism
  • CertiPUR-certified foam

3. Gloria Fabric Queen Loveseat Sleeper Sofa

Gloria Fabric Queen Loveseat Sleeper Sofa with Nest Function

The 3Cs - Comfort, convenience, and class define this sleeper sofa.

Gloria sleeper sofa is another traditional-style masterpiece of Luonto's craftsmanship that marked its place on this list. Like its name, the Gloria fabric loveseat sleeper sofa is exceptionally glorious.

This sleeper wholeheartedly agrees when we talk about the concept of less is more. With a few button tufts on the back and striking rolled arms, Gloria flaunts a traditional look that captivates everyone.

More Reasons to Buy This Sleeper Sofa:

Here are the top reasons to buy the ravishing Gloria Fabric Queen Loveseat Sleeper Sofa with Nest Function:

  • Exceptional Comfort:

Gloria's comfort is off the charts. The HR foam seat cushions will make you want to sit on this sofa all day long. Not just the seat but the back is also carefully made using loose Dacron fiber for that added comfort everyone needs while sitting.

The Gloria sleeper sofa offers the most promising sleeping experience. The queen-size five-inch thick foam mattress with a 2.1 lbs density provides comfort and support for your body so you can wake up fresh. The cherry on top is its high-quality, breathable fabric that adds extra comfort to your seating experience.

  • Innovative Features:

The two innovative features on this sofa make it worth having. First is the USB charging port. It's optional, but you can add it to your sleeper for extra convenience and charge your devices without getting up.

The second is the eco-friendly features of this sleeper sofa, including Foam Care and CertiPUR® Certification. This ensures the foam meets rigorous content, emissions, safety, and durability standards.

  • Remarkable Mechanism:

The effortless and hassle-free mechanism is such a blessing. Gloria's dual motion mechanism ensures ease of use and lets you convert the sofa into a bed quickly.

The best part is its Nest Function. This innovative function smartly conceals a portion of the mattress below the seat and another in the back of the frame. So you don't have to remove the cushion, pull out the frame, or roll out the mattress; in short, you don't have to put in much effort to unfold it.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions (in): W:74" x D:39" x H:33.5"
  • Top-grade fabric
  • Button tufted back
  • Wooden legs
  • Optional USB charging port
  • Dual motion sleeper
  • 5 in/12 cm thick foam mattress
  • Nest mechanism
  • No-sag springs suspension
  • Foam care and CertiPUR® certification

4. Noah Sectional Sofa Sleeper with Reversible Chaise

Noah L-shaped Sectional Sofa Sleeper with Reversible Chaise

I saved the best for the last. Noah sectional sleeper sofa with traditional yet highly functional.

Manufactured by Luonto, Noah's L-shaped sectional sleeper sofa results from fine Finnish craftsmanship. Every detail and stitch is immaculate and conveys a sense of precision. The beautiful tufted design in leather and fabric upholstery options is a treat for everyone. Noah offers so much more than being just a conventional sleeper sofa.

More Reasons to Buy This Sleeper Sofa

Here are the top reasons to buy the magnificent Noah L-shaped Sectional Sofa Sleeper with Reversible Chaise:

  • Exceptional Comfort:

Here, I am talking about superior comfort. Noah sectional sleeper sofa's high-resilience foam cushions are so well balanced that you wouldn't even feel the slight discomfort. They are cleverly made with the right firmness and softness, ideal for comfort and support.

And the lumbar cushions are not just decorative but also adjustable. If you need the ideal level of support for your back, these cushions are your real saviors. And if you want the comfiest sleeping experience on a sleeper sofa, the five-inch thick high-resilience foam mattress will take care of that.

  • Storage:

Underneath the reversible chaise, you'll find a spacious storage box, giving you a hidden and convenient place to tuck away blankets, pillows, or anything you need at arm's reach. It's added so cleverly that, at first glance, you wouldn't even notice.

  • Chaise:

Noah's reversible chaise adapts to your space, allowing you to switch things up whenever possible. But there's more—this practical chaise comes with additional surprises. It transforms into a triple chaise, providing seating for more people whenever you need an extra cozy spot.

  • Robust Construction:

Noah is crafted with precision and care in Finland and robustly constructed beyond aesthetics. Its solid wooden frame with a beautiful walnut finish is elegant. If we talk about durability, the no-sag springs ensure lasting support and maintain the firmness of this sleeper sofa.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions (in): W: 104.25" x D: 66.5" x H: 33.75"
  • Leather/fabric upholstery
  • Reversible chaise with storage
  • Track arms
  • Single motion sleeper
  • High and low back design
  • Insertable lumbar cushions
  • Doubles as triple chaise
  • Five-inch thick high-resilience foam mattress
  • No Sag Springs
  • Foam Care and CertiPUR® Certification


The sleeper sofas have now evolved and are available in various designs, including the traditional ones. The sleeper sofas mentioned in this blog are among the top picks for their unique qualities. You can find these sleeper sofas on These four sleeper sofas we suggested will give your space a traditional look and many other features, such as comfort, convenience, durability, and more.

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