8 Irresistible Benefits Of Sleeper Sofa That Will Ease Your Life

8 Irresistible Benefits Of Sleeper Sofa That Will Ease Your Life


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If you ask if we really do need a sleeper sofa or a sofa bed, the answer is a big, fat yes if you are dealing with certain issues.

The issues include space constraints in your small apartments, the need to host friends overnight in your tiny apartment, etc. Isn’t that a blessing in small apartments? You don't have to invest in a bed and a sofa separately; simply getting this furniture chameleon can solve issues.

There are many benefits to having a sleeper sofa. And the best thing is that a sleeper sofa also adds to the style statement of your room. A stylish sofa bed is sure to become the topic of discussion among your visitors.

This blog will take you through the numerous benefits of a sleeper sofa. So, let’s see how a sofa bed can transform your room and life.


It Saves Space

SLEEPER SOFA Sleeper - It saves space

The space crunch is a real issue in modern-day apartments. You don’t have enough room for too much furniture; getting a sofa and a bed could take up most of the space. And you don't want to clutter the place either and you need a comfy place with more foot traffic.

So here, a sofa bed appears to be a more perfect solution. You don’t need extra space for two separate pieces of furniture. If you stay alone, you can sleep on it at night and use it as a sofa when friends come over for coffee.

Welcome Guests Without Worries

Welcome guests without worries

Most apartments don’t have extra rooms these days. But what if guests come over? Don’t worry. You won’t have to sleep on the floor if you have a bed sofa.

A standard-size sofa bed can easily accommodate three people when pulled out. Moreover, your guests can use it as a couch during the day. Let’s say you are having a house party at your place. Your friends won’t have to leave late at night just because there’s no place to sleep.

Sofa Beds Are As Comfortable As Regular Beds

Sofa beds are as comfortable as regular beds

Gone are the days when sleeping on sofa beds would hurt your back. These days manufacturers focus on comfort. So, you can grab some undisturbed sleep on your sofa bed and wake up feeling refreshed.

Sleeper sofas also come with comfortable mattresses. It ensures your spine and lower back get adequate support. Thus, you can say goodbye to aches and pains.

If you are looking for a comfortable sleeper sofa, Jennihome will spoil you with choices. Check out the best sleeper sofa models here.

They Are Stylish

Sleeper Sofa are stylish

The utility is not the biggest benefit of sleeper sofas. Today’s sofa beds are super stylish. They can uplift the appearance of your living room. You’ll get sofa beds in several unique and fancy designs. Plus, their structure is sleek. So, your sleeper sofa won’t look out of place in your small apartment.

Sleeper sofas also feature a discrete design. That means your guests would never know that your sofa can turn into a bed. It wouldn’t be obvious from the outside. Thus, they would get awestruck when you pull out the bed at night.

Easy To Handle And Move

Sleepers are easy to handle and move

A sleeper sofa is super easy to operate. The improved technology makes it smooth to handle. Thus, you can unfold it easily without getting stuck.

Moreover, a sofa bed is easier to move around compared to a bed or sofa set. Many sofa beds come with wheels. That means you’ll require less effort to move them. Thus. shifting will become easier when you own a sofa bed.

Get Extra Storage Space

Sleeper Sofa get extra storage space

Storing your daily essentials is a challenge when you live in a small apartment. Your cupboard and cabinet aren’t enough. Don’t worry. A sofa bed has got your back.

Many sofa beds come with a hidden storage space. It becomes visible when you unfold the bed or lift the mattress. Isn’t that amazing? You can store away your unorganized clothes, utensils, old books, or anything you want to hide from public view. Isn’t that a great way to clean up a messy room?

Check out this classy Broadway sofa bed with storage.

It Saves Money

Sleeper Sofa saves money

A sleeper sofa is a perfect investment if you are on a tight budget. You won’t have to buy a sofa and a bed separately. It will come as two in one. You can spend the money saved on other essential stuff. For instance, you can buy a good-quality mattress for your sleeper sofa.

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Sleeper Sofas Are Durable

Sleeper sofas are durable

Sofa beds are the best option if you want to bring home some durable furniture. The easy handling mechanism of sofa beds make them durable than other lightweight beds.

These days most sofa beds come with a hardwood frame. Thus, they last for years. You don’t have to worry about your bed breaking down while your kids are playing on it.

Most sofa beds come with foam mattresses. They are super comfortable and sturdy too. A foam mattress easily lasts 8 to 10 years. Thus, investing in a quality sleeper sofa will keep you tension-free for years.


A comfortable sleeper sofa is a worthy investment. It lets you manage space in your living room. Plus, you don’t have to fret over where to let your guests sleep. Choose a sofa bed that compliments your room decor. Your visitors will get awestruck at your taste. However, don’t forget your budget and comfort.

Jennihome helps you find the best sofa beds according to your needs. You’ll get the best pieces from renowned brands. That too at jaw dropping discounts. Check out the most comfortable sofa beds and grab the best deals now.


1. Is a sofa bed suitable for everyday use?

Yes, you can invest in a sofa bed for everyday use. But check if it's built for everyday use. Sometimes, it might not provide the exact comfort a bed brings. In that case, try to add extra utilities to make it more comfortable. For example, if your sofa bed comes with a thin mattress, add a topper to it or replace it with a thick mattress.

2. How much weight can a sofa bed hold?

The weight-holding capacity of a sofa bed depends on the sofa bed's size. For instance, a twin sleeper can hold up to 250 pounds, whereas a full-size sleeper can hold twice that. Queen sleepers can support up to 600 pounds and king sleepers can easily carry 650 pounds.

3. How long should a sofa bed last?

There is no straightforward answer to this. However, on average, the sofa bed's life expectancy is expected to range up to 15 years or more. Experts point out that if a sofa bed is used predominantly as a sofa and occasionally as a bed, it tends to have mattresses with a long life span. In short, the way you maintain it matters.

4. Are sleeper sofas as comfortable as regular sofas?

That's a big yes. Sleeper sofas are as comfortable as regular sofas, maybe even more so. Plus, they come with the added advantage that you can convert them into beds when needed for an enhanced sleeping experience. Check out the West Level Queen loveseat sleeper, which is designed to provide bed like comfort.

5. Which is better, a bed or a sofa bed?

A sofa bed is a better option if you have a space crunch. Also, we can't straight away claim that a bed is better than a sofa bed. These days, manufacturers are putting in extra effort to make a sofa bed give the same comfort as a bed. Also, a sofa bed saves money and helps you accommodate guests easily.

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