Ways To Style A Credenza Like A Pro

Ways to Style a Credenza like a Pro


  1. 7 Interesting Ways to Style Your Credenza
  2. Balance With Art And Greenery
  3. Add a Personal Touch With Photos
  4. Place Mirrors On The Wall For Depth And Elegance
  5. Make Room For Major Art
  6. Use A Colorful Rug By The Credenza
  7. Mix-And-Match Decor
  8. Add Lighting
  9. Final Words

If you love keeping things organized, then there is a high chance you have a credenza or sideboard in your home.

But do you feel that your credenza is a bit boring and needs some styling to spice up its aesthetics? Then you have landed on the right page.

As a furniture retailer, we not only sell the best credenzas to our customers but also help them choose the best one that can suit their home decor. On that note, we have come up with some ideas on how to style your credenza and make it more interesting. By styling the credenza, you will also elevate the place around it. Now, let's get into the article.

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7 Interesting Ways to Style Your Credenza

1. Balance With Art And Greenery

Balance with art and greenery

How about bringing in some vibes of art and nature? Yes, add a striking piece of art to the credenza's surface. If not an art piece, placing a turntable on the credenza's top surface will make a difference. It will definitely bring in vintage vibes.

Sometimes, adding a piece of art alone can make the decor a bit boring. So try a couple of potted plants or a vase with fresh flowers. There is no need for perfection here. Just grab a couple of plants—real or fake—because it's understandable that some people are allergic to indoor plants or don't need one. We suggest adding something that brings in natural vibes. And this is one of the simplest ways to style your credenza.

2. Add a Personal Touch With Photos

Add a Personal Touch With Photos

Got some pictures of your dear ones? Stick them in some frames or photo frame them and make them stand on the credenza. Adding such photos can remind you of your loved ones and go down memory lane.

Because people change, but photos don't. You can also mix them with other decor items to strike a balance between personal and stylish. You are the stylist here. So, decide for yourself, pick the best items, and add them between the photo frames.

3. Place Mirrors On The Wall For Depth And Elegance


Place Mirrors On The Wall For Depth And EleganceThink about hanging a fancy mirror right above your credenza. Do you think adding mirrors is one of the trickier ways to make the space feel more spacious and classy?

Yes, mirrors do more than just show your reflection. They make the place seem bigger and bounce around some extra light, giving off a fancy yet natural vibe to your setup.

4. Make Room For Major Art

Make Room For Major Art

Placing an art piece on the credenza is one thing, but making room for major art is also a part of styling. Keep things low-key on the credenza itself so it doesn't steal the thunder.

Keep it chilled with a few short stacks of books and some slim candlesticks at one end. Let that masterpiece above do its thing without any competition.

5. Use A Colorful Rug By The Credenza

Use A Colorful Rug By The Credenza

Here's a simple idea to make the room where you have placed the credenza more intimidating. Put a colorful rug next to your credenza. It's a quick way to add some color and style without going crazy. You can choose a soft rug for a comfy vibe or go for something with a bold pattern to show off your personality.

6. Mix-And-Match Decor

Mix-And-Match Decor

Let your personal style shine by mixing and matching decor. You can simply combine different decor items, which include candles, vases, art pieces, sculptures, etc., and aim for a diverse look.

In addition, you can play with different textures, heights, and colors to create a visually interesting arrangement and feel confident in expressing yourself. This mix-and-match decor will definitely reflect your unique taste.

7. Add Lighting

Add Lighting

This step can finalize styling your credenza. Let's say you have your art, plants, and maybe a few books on the top surface of the credenza for styling purposes. Now, when you bring in a gorgeous table lamp or one on the wall, it can highlight the furniture piece.

It's like having a flexible lighting assistant right there, ready to spotlight whatever you want and elevate the whole credenza scene to a whole new level of elegance.

Final Words

Styling a credenza like a pro is about having fun and showing off your personality. Do not hesitate to mix things up, use decor that you love, and strictly forget about rules. You are decorating your credenza, an important piece of furniture in your house.

Just trust your gut, and your credenza will become a cool furniture piece in your space. Do you have any ideas that are on your mind right now? Let us know in the comments!

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