Happy Father's Day 2022

Shadow by Avni Garg

When the skies are blue and clear
It’s eyes reflecting the truth of the world below them
There’s nothing to fear
As the days with shadows
Are the days with sun

Painted with shades of gray
His image shrouded with gloom
He is the platform
From which the summer petals raise in full bloom

Cloudless or Cloudy
Raining or Snowing
No matter the circumstance, he’s always there
Behind me, unknowing

A silent companion by my side
Speeding up or slowing down
He accepts the measure of my stride
Yet gives no frown or sigh

Although he may seem sad or monotonous,
Menacing or cross,
He always remembers first to comfort
And listen to my thoughts

My shadow
The one who embraces my light
My father
The one who takes away my darkness

Thank You
Happy Father’s day